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22 Mar.,2024


5 Benefits of getting a Retinal Photo at your next Eye Exam

Retinal photos are a relatively new technology in the eyecare field but have shown to be very helpful in providing great patient care and careful monitoring. The Optomap machine takes images which provide an unprecedented 200 degree view that enables doctors to more effectively detect, monitor and promote patient health.

5 benefits of retinal photos

  1. No dilation – Most of the time we can get a good image in both eyes and view nearly all of the retina without dilation. It takes ½ a second to take the photo and has no lasting effects on vision. On some occasions with a poor quality photo or suspicion of possible problem, dilation may be required by your doctor.
  2. Education – There has never previously been a way for the doctor to show the patient exactly what we are evaluating. As a patient the photos allow you to learn more about a diagnosis by visualizing the exam findings.
  3. Disease detection – The optomap is an excellent tool for diagnosing diseases. As you can see in the photo, a wide variety of diseases can be found and documented with the retinal photos.
  4. Monitoring changes over time – Even if everything is normal in your eye today, the photo is a great reference if the doctor believes something has changed over time. They can always look back or compare photos side by side. Imagine not knowing if a mole has grown or changed, but then having an old photo to evaluate.
  5. Safe for all patients – retinal photos can be taken safely and effectively on every patient from young children to pregnant women (which may not want dilating drops).

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Dr. Sara Rasekhi

Board Certified Optometric Physician

West Broward Eyecare Associates

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