How to Choose the Right Isolation Gowns for Your Facility

23 Dec.,2023


How to Choose the Right Isolation Gowns for Your Facility

Isolation Gowns are an essential piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) used by medical professionals. The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation defines Isolation Gowns as apparel used to protect medical staff and patients from the transfer of microorganisms and bodily fluids in patient isolation situations.

How to find the right Isolation Gowns

There are several factors to consider when choosing Isolation Gowns for your facility.

1. The purpose of the Isolation Gown
Before deciding on the right Isolation Gowns, you need to ask yourself who will be wearing them, what setting they will be working in, and what types of patients they will be coming into contact with. Those questions will help you determine whether Isolation Gowns are even necessary and how much protection is required.

2. The risk level of the environment
The level of risk in a patient or surgical environment depends on the type of procedure or activities being performed, the amount of fluid staff is likely to come into contact with, potential infections the patient is carrying with them, and the exposure time to the patient or how long the procedure will last. The higher the risk level, the more protection the Gown will need to provide.

3. Reusable or Disposable Isolation Gowns
Isolation Gowns are generally classified as "disposable/single-use" or "reusable/multi-use". In the U.S. Disposable Gowns are used more commonly than reusable ones. While generally offering the same level of protection, Disposable Isolation Gowns offer several benefits over Reusable Gowns. They may reduce the risk of cross contamination, because they are in a new, clean condition when worn and then are used and discarded. Reusable Gowns rely on laundering to return them to a clean condition, which can be done improperly or insufficiently. Reusable Gowns can also wear out over time, while Disposable Isolation Gowns are fresh and ready to use when you need them.

4. Choose the best Isolation Gown Provider
Once you determine which type of Isolation Gowns are suited to your needs, you must find a provider that can consistently and efficiently supply them to you. You want a partner who has a track record of on time deliveries, high quality Gowns, and flexibility when it comes to your changing needs or difficult supply chain situations.

Levels of protection for Isolation Gowns

Whether you're using Isolation Gowns or Surgical Gowns, you always have to look at the product labeling to ensure it is providing adequate protection. The FDA recognizes the protection levels outlined by the American National Standards Institute/Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (ANSI/AAMI):

• Level 1: Minimal risk, to be used during basic care or standard isolation
• Level 2: Low risk, for use during blood draws or suturing
• Level 3: Moderate risk, for emergency room or trauma care use
• Level 4: High risk, to be used during fluid intense procedures or when infectious diseases are suspected to be present

Welmed supplies the Isolation Gowns your facility needs

At Welmed we stock a variety of high quality, sterile Disposable Isolation Gowns. We have the flexibility and resources to work with your specific needs and ensure your facility is fully stocked with everything it requires. We also offer our new GoGreen Biodegradable Thumb Loop Isolation Gowns that provide Level 3 protection and bioassimilate naturally in landfills, reducing your operation's environmental footprint.

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