Is WatchBox a reputable company?

27 Nov.,2023


If you’re looking for info about Watchbox, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about this secondhand watch site.

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If you’ve been watching, you might’ve noticed that the prices of luxury watches skyrocketed recently. Issues with supply and demand, as well as the pandemic changing the way people are spending their money, have driven the price tags on luxury watches through the roof.

This jump in pricing leads many watch shoppers to resellers, one of the biggest being Watchbox. In this Watchbox review, we’ll take a look at this pre-owned watch giant. 

What Is Watchbox? 

If you aren’t familiar with Watchbox, you will be soon. This luxury watch reseller buys, trades, and sells watches, and it’s had quite a bit of success in recent years.

The Watchbox brand got its start in 2017, when Danny Govberg, a Philadelphia-based jeweler, started the company.

With his family’s company, Govberg Jewelers, dating back to the 1910s, Govberg felt it was time to take advantage of the fast-growing pre-owned watch market.

He partnered with Justin Reis and Tay Laim Wee, and the trio set out to create a trustworthy pre-owned luxury watch business.

Watchbox has some big-time investors, too. Athletes like Michael Jordan, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Chris Paul, and Devin Booker are recent investors who signed on during Watchbox’s most recent round of financing.

During that round, the company raised $165 million, including money from other non-dunking investors. 


The majority of Watchbox’s business comes through its online platform, but it does have several brick-and-mortar locations.

These include a storefront in Dubai, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the company’s headquarters just outside of Philadelphia.

There are two new locations coming soon as well; NYC and Miami.

How Watchbox Works

Watchbox isn’t the only preowned watch dealer out there, but the company’s platform is fairly unique.

Luxury watch enthusiasts can use the company’s services to trade, sell, or buy watches. They can also use the company’s resources to value their own collection, as well as take out a collateral loan.  


All of the watches in Watchbox’s inventory are company-owned, so they have them in hand. 

They perform an inspection, authentication, and service before listing the watch on the site.

Currently, the inventory consists of approximately 1,800 watches, including everything from a $500 Seiko to a slew of FP Journes and A. Lange & Sohnes with prices so high you have to call to find out what they are.

Buying one of these watches is similar to shopping anywhere. Simply click the “Buy Now” button, and the watch heads to your shopping cart.

At that point, you can add a care plan (an extended warranty) that covers the movement, case or bezel damage, water damage, and even bracelet refurbishment.

You’ll also have the option to make an offer on a watch to save a few hundred dollars. The form even includes an offer strength rating that updates automatically with the following grades: rejected, not likely, possible, and strong offer.

It’s interesting to note that you can offer more than the listed price, and since Watchbox does post watches that are still in transit, things could get competitive. 

Selling and Trading

The process of selling a watch is simple. First, you fill out a form with all of your contact information and all of the identifying information for your watch. Next, you’ll receive a quote for the value of your watch within 24 hours.

If you agree with the quote, you can send the watch into Watchbox via a pre-paid and insured label, or schedule a face-to-face collection.

At this point, Watchbox does a full inspection on the watch. Once the inspection is complete, you receive cash via check or wire payment.

The trade process is similar. If you’re shopping through the Watchbox inventory and see something you like, you have the opportunity to offer a trade.

You’ll fill out a form, speak with a client advisor, and send in your watch. If everything checks out, your new watch ships in 48 hours.


Watchbox has a unique feature that allows you to track your watch collection’s value in real-time, as well.

All you need to do is create an account and upload the data of all your watches. Within a few days, your watches will receive a value, and you can track how well they’re doing, similar to the stock market. 

Not only is this fun, but it can also give you an idea of what Watchbox might offer on your pieces.


Things happen, and there could be a point where you’re in a pinch and you need a loan. Watchbox will actually loan you money, with your watches as collateral. You’ll fill out the loan paperwork and send your watches in.

If they meet the criteria, Watchbox will send the money and hold the watches until you’re able to pay the loan off. While it might seem like the darker side of watch dealing, it’s safer than sending your Royal Oak to a pawn shop. 

Which Brands Does Watchbox Carry?

The answer to this question is relative because it’s dependent on the company’s stock at the time. But if you’re looking for a luxury watch from a particular brand, chances are Watchbox has it.

Watches from brands like Rolex, Omega, Grand Seiko, Tag Heuer, Tudor, and Breitling are plentiful, but there is also an excellent selection from F.P. Journe, A. Langhe & Sohne, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and JLC.

You can even find watches from affordable, entry-level brands like Seiko and Movado from time to time. 

Is Watchbox Safe?

The used and gray watch markets can be dangerous places.

Between stolen property, fakes so good they fool authorized dealers, and other concerns, it can be hard to fork cash over for something you can’t even touch first. For that reason, Watchbox might feel a bit sketchy.

The truth is that Watchbox is a legitimate business, and it owns all of its inventory. Every time Watchbox purchases a watch, a trained watchmaker takes it apart and authenticates it.

This means that whenever you purchase a watch from Watchbox, you’re guaranteed to get the real thing. 

Also, every watch that Watchbox sells comes with a warranty. The included warranty covers the watch for two years, but there’s an extended warranty available as well.

You will have to send your watch to Watchbox for service, but at least the warranty provides some peace of mind. 

Watchbox Pros and Cons

Watchbox is likely to become the authority on pre-owned luxury watches, and it often has the best inventory. And, since the company makes shopping, selling, and trading so easy, it’s a convenient way to find or sell your next timepiece.

Is it worth it? Let’s look at some of the pros and cons.

The big advantages you’ll see when dealing with Watchbox is the inventory, the security, and the fact that you’ll deal with real people.

Watchbox will have watches other dealers aren’t able to get their hands on, and they authenticate each watch.

But, throughout your shopping process, you’ll get to deal with the Watchbox team of client advisors, and it’s a team of real people to help you and answer your questions.

Yes, you will likely pay more for a watch from Watchbox than you might if you were able to make the sale privately.

But, you have to find the watch, settle on a price, and trust that the person isn’t trying to get over on you with a fake watch. That’s a risk you have to consider.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Watchbox is probably the future of pre-owned watch sales, and you should feel confident using its services.

Between the warranties, authenticity, and client advisors that are there to help, you’ll probably be able to find your dream or grail watch and cut out a lot of the hassle and risk. Who doesn’t want that?

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Last Updated: November 24, 2022

You’ll undoubtedly find a vast number of tempting watch stores online (especially for luxury watches), which can make it challenging to narrow down where the best places to shop for a new watch.

Watchbox is one promising option that focuses on pre-owned luxury watches, all certified authentic. But is this store as good as it sounds?

In our Watchbox reviews, we’re going to break down exactly what they have to offer, how they’re different from the rest, and how customers feel about shopping from the brand.

What is Watchbox?

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A brand that heavily focuses on technology, innovation, and a buy-and-sell market, Watchbox is able to tap into a global market that’s interested in high-end, affordable watches.

They only sell pre-owned watches and guarantee authenticity on all of the watches in their catalog, with many dedicated team members hard at work to provide a stellar customer experience.

Watchmakers, technicians, and refinishers work hard to ensure every watch looks and feels brand new to the wearer (even though they aren’t technically brand new). 

You can search their collection by brand or simply check out their new arrivals for something fresh. Their “all watches” section will give you a full-fledged idea of what their catalog has to offer.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new watch or sell your own for the best price, Watchbox can handle both. 

They do a good job of keeping their catalog up to date and it’s pretty vast, which means you should have no issues finding something that fits your style.

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Watchbox Reviews

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Overall Rating: ★★★ 3.75 Stars

Although Watchbox reviews from buyers seem to be raving, sellers don’t seem to have as great of an experience. Many complaints we found online primarily relate to sellers who have struggled with customer service.

You might want to look elsewhere if you hope to sell a watch (many people like Chrono24 instead), but people love buying from Watchbox. People love the large variety, great warranty, and decent return policy.

Pricing: ★★★ 4 Stars

Since they focus on luxury watch brands, expect to pay a high dollar for their watches. When looking through their best sellers, every watch was over $1,000, with some reaching well above $10,000.

However, since their inventory is pre-owned, you can expect to save some money compared to buying the same watches brand new.

The watches they provide are definitely an investment, but you’re paying for a quality that could last a lifetime or even multiple generations.

Shipping: ★★★★ 4 Stars

Every order comes with free expedited shipping, and they ship to many countries all over the world. They also provide insurance on their shipments, and international orders get all of the same benefits, but their arrival times may vary based on location.

If you’re looking to sell your watch, they also offer specific instructions for shipping your watch to them. Nevertheless, shipping doesn’t seem to be too much of a hassle whether you’re buying or selling.

Customer Service: ★★★ 3 Stars

This is an area of the company that could use a little work, especially on the sellers’ side. From poor response times to a lack of acknowledgment to inquiries, it seems they pick and choose who receives a good experience from customer support.

A lot of the headaches here pertain to sellers getting a good quote for their watches. The company has been caught making false claims about sellers’ watches as clause for providing them with a lower quote, so it’s important to proceed with caution.

What Are Customers Saying?

It’s understandable to get a customer’s opinion if you’re going to pay the high prices that come with these watches. Below, you’ll find a range of comments from their customer base.

  • The watches are worth the price
  • Customer service can be a hassle to deal with
  • Shipping is relatively fast
  • People feel swindled when trying to sell a watch
  • Many appreciate the legitimacy of the company and the watches they sell

Rolex Datejust 16013 Review

Their catalog is always shifting, but this Rolex is currently available and offers a stellar look overall. A winding automatic watch, it’s made with a 36mm stainless steel case and features an 18k yellow gold fluted bezel.

You’ll also find a folding buckle, and it’s a perfect option for casual or professional clothing. Sitting at $6,950, this high-end watch is bound to stand out with any of your daily outfits.

Panerai Luminor Marina Acciaio PAM 001 Review

Offering a neutral look, this watch is great for everyday wear and is one of Watchbox’s best sellers. It’s a manual wind watch with a 44mm stainless steel case and boasts a surrounding black dial on a black rubber strap.

The functionality includes hours, minutes, and small seconds, and it first hit the market back in 2002. Its style is suitable for casual clothing or athletic wear and even comes with a water resistance of 300m.

Patek Philippe Complications Advanced Research Review

If you’re looking to spend big, you can’t go wrong with a Patek Philippe. Not only is the watch stylish, but it’s regarded to be a one of a kind. It’s an automatic winding watch with a 39mm 18k rose gold case and a grey dial on a brown alligator strap.

The watch offers a range of functions as well, such as hours, minutes, seconds, day, date, month, moon phase, and even a power reserve indicator.

Return Policy

They give customers a pretty short window to act on their return policy. Watchbox only provides a 7-day return policy, which doesn’t give customers much time to test out their new watch.

Nevertheless, once you return an item, the company can take upwards of 10 business days to process your return.


Is Watchbox Legit?

Watchbox is definitely a legitimate company that is widely regarded within the high-end watch community. Many people stand by their services and the authenticity of the watches they sell.

How Long Has Watchbox Been In Business?

The company was founded back in 2001 and is now a staple of the pre-owned watch market. Although the company has gone through many changes since then, they’ve continued to adapt to the needs of its shoppers.

Who Owns Watchbox?

A man named Justin Reis is the CEO and co-founder of the company. However, the company was eventually acquired by independent watchmaker De Bethune.

The Bottom Line

To sum up our Watchbox reviews, although their catalog might be pretty expensive, there’s plenty of quality and authentic watches to choose from.

Many watch enthusiasts consider Watchbox to be money well spent, but not everyone is happy with the process of selling their watch to the brand.

The company may have some ups and downs, but they offer a good experience for buyers who are looking for reliable service and high-end watches.

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Is WatchBox a reputable company?

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