Questions You Should Know about Makeup Base (New)

02 Apr.,2024


We all remember our firsts—and if you’re new to the world of makeup, that includes the first time you tentatively applied foundation while wondering if it was really your skin’s perfect shade-match, or if you should ditch the brush and go for a beauty sponge instead (we’ll get to that later). Fact is, while trying on makeup for the first time can definitely be exciting, finding the right makeup products can also be a challenge.  

With so many brands and formulas to choose from, it’s fairly easy for any beauty novice to get overwhelmed. So to help get you started, we enlisted the expert advice of Jessica Kendall—hairstylist, makeup artist and owner of Beauty Asylum—to give us the dos, don’ts, hows and whys in our guide to the ultimate makeup essentials for beginners.  

Which Makeup Products Should a Beginner Buy?  

While you may be tempted to fill your shopping carts with the beauty world’s latest obsessions, any seasoned pro will tell you that the road to makeup mastery starts with a good understanding of the basics and knowing what each product can actually do for you. Below, we list down the absolute makeup must-haves for beginners.  

First I would like to say thank you fatimamummy  for letting me use a part of her skincare thread title for this thread! Thank you so much!


In a similar fashion to the skincare thread this will be a place to discuss anything makeup related. Questions, recommendations, inspirations, tips, tricks, stories, whatever. All welcomed!


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Questions You Should Know about Makeup Base (New)

Makeup 101: Discussion, Questions and Al...

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