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28 Dec.,2023


We provide PMK Oil and PMK Powder, PMK Ethyl Glycate, CAS No.: 28578-16-7

We have absolutely advantages on: High Purity, Technology Guide, Equipment for chemical laboratory. If you are an individual buyer, if you don't know anything on Chemistry, please follow the guide of our us, then you will be benefit from my words (This is the original words from me, Sales manager of ACHIEVE CHEM-TECH, Alex vivi)

Warehouse service

Door to door delivery (0-2 days arrive)

Picking up from warehouse.

(1)Sydney, Melbourne, Australia(HOT)

(2)Vancouver, Canada/Memphis, USA


1.No Safe Shipping, No business

(1)No Oral Promise

Many people promised they will buy the goods in warehouse and we prepared for them, However, in fact they don't have any capacity except their mouth! 

(2)Risk of business

Many very small buyers leak our warehouse information and we lose a lot of goods?

E.g: Our NL partners was in trouble due to sensitive chemicals! And all of our goods was confiscated before.

2.Who we serve for

(3)Stable buyer

The product we prepare in warehouse for you, we won't sell them to any others.

There are chemcials in stock in our warehouse, supply for stable buyers only. We have dozens tons of scale, our buyers take up the majority of market already. So the risk of developing a new buyer is far larger than serve for an old buyer.

(4)New buyer

So that, For new buyers, sincerely each other. 

Before we know you well, we can arrange pick product up/delivery. However, the 1st time, your product must ship from China, it is also no risk, if any product lose, we 100% reship for free in next.

As for later business, we can negotiate about part of the deposit to prepare goods for you in our warehouse.

The safe issue of you and our warehouse, it is same important! Our product assist you to make money, we rely on each other.

If you are a big buyer, do you accept your warehouse continuously disclose its address and info to anyone who has poor capacity in business,who only can buy 1g, 1kg? 

Shipping process(Europe, USA, CA, MX)

Step-1: China to Destination, we will clear it by our own company in local place, 5-9 days. Then keep in warehouse or delivery.

Step-2: Local warehouse, local Express to you or Picking up, 0-2 days.

Step-3: Europe, USA, MX will arrive directly, CA customs is stricter, the goods will transfer from USA, it needs extra 5-7 days but safe.

Shipping process(Australia) 

Step-1: China to Australia, we will clear it by our own company in Australia. 5-9 days. Then keep in warehouse or delivery.

Step-2: Australia warehouse, local Express to you or Picking up, 0-2 days.

Vancouver warehouse pick up or DHL delivery


Sodium borohydride, CAS 16940-66-2

Sodium triacetoxyborohydride, CAS 56553-60-7



4,4-Piperidinediol hydrochloride, CAS 40064-34-4


Acetonitrile, CAS 75-05-8

Dichloromethane, CAS 75-09-2

(2-Bromoethyl)benzene or phenylethyl bromide, CAS 103-63-9

pmk ethyl glycidate, CAS 28578-16-7

BMK Glycidic Acid (sodium salt), CAS 5449-12-7

Medetomidine Hydrochloride, CAS 86347-15-1


We are researching company, we can develop new compounds for you professionnally.


Pill/Capsule machine

Whole equipment of chemical lab

(3)Technology support

Example: PMK to M, 1kg get 500-750g M.


For the content below: Each pictures were taken from the real product and by our staff, Each words were created by our staff, No fake, No lie, need not to confirm again! Our product, If it is fake, ten times compensation!

Details below:

1.High Quality

To evaluate the value of a chemical, it is two steps:


For example: If Our purity is HPLC>99.0%, $150/kg, it is equal to, you buy 1kg "powder" the effect substance content is more than 990g. And the analysis result must be from the professional instrument.


As it was mentioned above, if our product is HPLC>99.0%, $150/kg.

Someone buy 1kg from us, diluted or mixed with it, then they get 2kg weight pure white powder. Their price is $100/kg. Who is cheap?

We have professional technology team and QC(Quality control) Department, Our price is based on the appropriate price, we won't do unqualified product to shame ourselves!

If someone are insist on to sell a $200 value product for you in $100 (or other unreasonable price), how can we stop this behavior? Only can say, if you are cheated this time, next time, please don't forget our company and sincerely words!

PMK glycine ethyl ester is white powder or oil. The most common specifications are PMK powder and PMK oil. It can be used as an organic synthesis intermediate and a pharmaceutical intermediate. At the same time, PMK glycidate, a series of PMK products, are mainly used in laboratory R & D processes and pharmaceutical and chemical production processes.

Chemical Formula


Exact Mass


Molecular Weight



250 (100.0%), 251 (14.1%), 252 (1.0%)

Elemental Analysis

C, 62.39; H, 5.64; O, 31.97

The preparing raw materials list(The formula as PMK 100kg)

PMK, CAS 28578-16-7: 100kg

Methylamine hydrochloride, CAS 593-51-1: 150kg

Sodium borohydride CAS 16940-66-2: 80kg

Sodium hydroxide, CAS 1310-73-2: 80kg

Others: concentrated hydrochloric acid(200kg+), ethanol(2 * 200L), methanol(2 * 200L)

For individual buyers, we have the best shipping method:

DDP shipping, we have two shipping line:

(1)DDP shipping line

DHL will deliver it after the clearance company clear it. This two countries are not high risk countries, it is the economic method and widely used.

(2)Special line

100% clearance, (In Chinese culture, we don't want say one thing "too full", so we can 99.9% success rate)

We have many cooperated buyers all over the world, mainly including the Netherlands/Holland, Australia, Canada, the United States, Mexico, South Africa, Nigeria, Costa Rica etc.

We provide high-quality raw materials PMK powder and PMK oil. In order to facilitate individual buyers, we provide bitcoin payment, and our local cooperative chemical company can provide customs clearance services for you. Door to door shipping.

1.This is the best period to purchase it, many manufacturers and dividing this market.1.We have dozens of 1-25kg orders to Holland, CA, MEXICO, Poland everyday.

We have several 10+ ton buyer, I hooe we can assist you to become one sincerely.

2.If pay now, we will arrange your sample order at once.

We are researching company, High Quality, Technology support, Supply the equiment of chem lab(Organic synthesis)

We desire to show the quality of PMK for you. Hope we can get an opportunity......