19 Mar.,2024



First of all, let’s take a second to admire that one time I meticulously cut out shapes from old sponges. It might not look like a big deal, but personally think I deserve a shoutout! All kidding aside, this sponge stamp DIY makes for a great at home activity for kids! If you want to get creative, there are endless shapes and options to cut into the sponges, making stamp of basically anything you want!

A little trick I discovered, if you want to use recycled sponges, soak them in water first and put them in the microwave for 1 or 2 minutes. Let them dry and you have perfect sponges to make stamps with.

For demonstration purposes, I used new sponges. If you do prefer new ones, dollar tree has a pack of 2 for only $1, but recycled ones work just as well + its better for our planet!

Oh, just one tip. Don’t use a permanent marker to outline the shapes because it won’t come off the shape toy. Trust me, I had to find out the hard way! Just a heads up, so you can learn from my mistakes and avoid the mishap.



  1. Trace a shape on the sponge. I used a toy shape as a stencil.

  2. Cut out the shape

  3. Make a slot in the center of the shape using the knife. Deep enough to insert the tip of a popsicle stick.

  4. Cut a popsicle stick in half and add some hot glue to the tip. Insert it into the slot in the center of the shape.

  5. Dip the sponge in paint and stamp on paper.

To reuse, just wash like you would any brush and leave out to dry well.

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